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Ami always wanted to create affordable pieces for everyone and from relentless pressure from her past Brides she decided to create the brand ‘Ziyvana’ a combination of both her daughters names Ziya & Avana.

From a lockdown project in 2020 as weddings were postponed this gave her the creative time to put towards this new Label. She wanted to create a label that you could style individual pieces yourself. Also to have pieces that were sold as individuals tops and bottoms etc… so you didn’t have to buy a whole outfit! Instead to combine it with something you have already to revamp the look and this also created a sustainable way of dressing. Not only that, she says from her experience not many women are the same size on the top as they are on the bottom, so this way they can pick their sizes accordingly.

This is just the start she wants to hopefully expand the label further in 2024 with a Kaftan and Palazzo trouser range.

We really hope you love our modern label Ziyvana for the new generation of dressing.

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